Conor O'Malley - The CEO's caddy

'Welcome to my website, that I hope will guide you through understanding who I am, what I do, how I do it, and the ‘problem’ I am seeking to solve in society today.'


My why:


“To be a beacon for others”

The problem I solve:


Develop senior leaders in society, from the inside out, become contemporary and successful leaders for today’s business and societal world.

How do I do this?


Through my Observe|Choose|Act life and coaching philosophy, that facilitates senior leaders understand how their ‘way of being’ impacts their ‘way of doing’. It is in our ‘way of doing’ that we either do, or do not, deliver effective results as leaders.


Conor O'Malley is an executive coach who works one on one with CEOs, directors and executives. Contact Conor for a free discovery session using the contact details below.

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