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 Begins and Ends with Self
2nd Edition


The Book 

How you trust yourself manifests in how you understand trust, live your life, and lead - both in your company and in society. Trust in self affects how you trust others, how others trust you, and how you deliver on your commitments to self and others.


Conor O'Malley's New Ordering of Trust and the stories he shares in this book open you up to the possibility of being a new learner of self, allowing you to live more in your heart than in your head and to lead more for others and legacy, than for self and ego.


He invites you to be curious regarding the topic of trust, which is omnipresent for us all.

In this second edition the author introduces: "The Seven assessments of trust" that are aligned to your way of being and your way of doing; more real life stories and examples from you to learn from; and deeper insights about trust from other key authors on this topic. 


The Author 

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Conor is a leading executive coach, “the CEOs’ Caddy”, who walks alongside his clients on their learning journey with him.

He is a professionally credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation and an accredited ontological coach with a graduate diploma from the internationally renowned Newfield Institute.

Conor is the founder of CoachAid and is on an advisory board in The Arts. He is a mentor in the field of women in leadership.


For 20 years before Conor became a coach, he held executive leadership roles in third party logistics, wholesale, retail and fast-moving consumer goods, both in the United Kingdom and Australia.

About the Book and the Author 

The Video of the official book launch on

Wednesday 20th January 2021 

Thank you to:


Matthew Webber - Founder, Menark Group 

Anna Reid - GM Supply Chain, Kinrise

Dave Fenlon - Group CEO, BWX Ltd.

Alan Sieler - Director, Newfield Institute


for being part of this book launch.

Book Launch Q&A 


The Video of the USA and Canada book launch 

Wednesday 10th February  2021 

Thank you to:


Matthew Webber - Founder, Menark Group 

Magda Mook - CEO International Coaching Federation 

Murray Brabender - COO Metro Supply Chain Group 

for being part of this book launch.


“The most important relationship we have is with self. Conor’s approach to trust is an important contribution to this much neglected aspect of leadership and how we are in relation to each other in all aspects of our lives”

Alan Seiler 

Director, Newfield institute and Ontological Coaching Institute

Author of Coaching to the Human Soul, Ontological Coaching and Deep Change, Vol  I-IV

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