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“The CEO’s Caddy”


A transformative c6 month coaching programme for individual senior executives, that is both structured and flexible depending on the needs.

My “caddy service”, that is an on-call presence where ‘I walk alongside’ you by being available and on call, if necessary, 24 hours a day.


Working in the business alongside you, through my “day in the business” service where I observe you in action, and or, provide a review for you through my “SES assessment tool”.


Objectives are ALWAYS part of my programme, so we can measure success against the KPIs that we co-create. These will be done with both the individual leader and that person’s sponsor, in my corporate programmes. If working with an individual, not a corporate, we will still co-create objectives

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Some realisable benefits of working with Conor -

Self-awareness in different domains of thinking, feeling, and sensing.

Increased strength and resilience to tackle complexity.

A greater ability to adapt and lead with humility, confidence, and speed through times of continuous change.

Fostering greater sophistication in how leaders communicate, engage, influence, and build relationships.

Developing a stronger executive presence and personal brand.

Improve leader’s active listening competency, so as to be curious, ask questions and hold others with legitimacy.  


“Conor has materially changed the demeanour, communication, thinking and relationship management of some of Sportsbet’s most senior people. Subsequent interaction has been more positive, cogent, and productive – leading to more profound outcomes than would have been achieved previously.”

Barni Evans, CEO Sportsbet


Executive career coaching


I work with RandstadRisesmart

to support and guide senior executives who are in career transition and on a RandstadRisesmart corporate programme, sponsored by their previous employer.


I also work with individual senior executives, who are not on a corporate sponsored programme, work out what their “now what?” is in life.  Be they in career transition, or in a role and considering “now what?”. I do this through my Executive Career transition Programme, based on my Reflect|Marketplace" model.


"I worked with Conor in a period of significant change in my professional life where I was transitioning from being an owner in a small business to being a partner in a multinational firm.

From the outset Conor made it clear that our sessions were about ‘me’ and that his role was to ensure that I didn’t leave the session with more on my ‘to do’ list. Each session was run at my own pace with no enforced agenda which made the sessions very free flowing . He coached me into making small/simple commitments to change in each session which made the process manageable. Over the course of the year these made big changes to my ability to deal with change in a positive manner.

I would make no hesitation is recommending Conor, I enjoyed the opportunity to work on ‘me’ with him enormously."

Nick Johnson, Partner Management Consulting at Grant Thornton Australia.


Mentoring Next Gen leaders and women leaders in operations


I mentor Next Gen Leaders through my work with Family Business Australia and NAWO developing our next generation leaders, and women leaders in operations, become the leaders in business and society of tomorrow.


“Conor was instrumental in the development, and application, of an important Next Generation Programme for Family Business Australia & New Zealand (FBANZ), designed to inspire and educate current and future family business leaders. Conor worked closely with the FBANZ team, and Next Generational Members, to understand the needs and requirements of all parties before setting out the design framework and bringing in subject matter experts, including himself, to deliver what is truly a unique offering. The programme allowed FBANZ to value add to an important segment of the family business sector. Thank you very much, Conor.”

Greg Griffith, CEO Family Business Australia & New Zealand


Team development based on my “New Ordering of Trust” model


Working with existing clients, who I am an executive coach for, I provide team development, based on my “New Ordering of Trust” model.


Teams learn, and use collectively, the new distinctions that my clients introduce based on  their learning from my coaching programmes. 

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