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Passionate about developing Executive leaders to trust how they learn, lead and know themselves.


I came to Australia in 2006 from the UK as a supply chain executive. After deciding that needing to be the CEO of a multimillion or billion-dollar company was not my measure of success, I decided to change my life.


In 2017 I stepped out of corporate executive leadership to ask, “now what?”


I built relationships over coffees to understand more about the world of coaching. I researched the field of the coaching profession, the standards, the philosophies and what it would be like to be a coach.


I landed on a philosophy of coaching - Ontological Coaching - gained a graduate diploma from the world renowned Newfield Institute, became a professionally certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and I am also a qualified Mental Health First Aider. 

My purpose is “to be a beacon for others”, which to me, means being there for you, being a source of strength for you, being a source of light for you, being a resting place for you, being a source of inspiration for you. To serve you.

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