It is never an easy task choosing a coach for one of your senior executives. Striking the balance of some ‘hard love’ combined with an insight into how you want to release the potential of the individual are challenging. Conor found that balance, and I saw in the individual a lightbulb moment of understanding who they were and what they could contribute. There was a greater sense of confidence and a recognition that we were doing this because we saw this person’s potential. It also built a greater degree of shared trust; trust in helping remove the person’s anxiety and trust in the person’s renewed self-belief in being at their best. It also left the person with ongoing support mechanisms that can be used on those days where, like all of us, they may not be at their best.”

Paul Graham, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Woolworths Group


“Conor helped me understand the importance of investing in myself, through the lens of my strengths and areas of opportunity. Conor acted as my ‘caddy’, he walked along side me and provided guidance and practical applications that was reflective of my leadership style.” Linda Leo, GM CCA.


“Conor’s coaching program was very beneficial to establish a framework to reflect, establish a ‘go to market strategy’ and timeline to navigate career transition which, at inception, was a very unclear task.”

Executive in career transition.